House of Fraser

Commissioned by this UK-wide department store to develop potential names for a new homeware range aimed at aspirational, fashion conscious women with an eye for style and glamour. Several names were selected from those supplied, with the final name agreed on unanimously. The range is due for release in late 2010.

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Marks & Spencer

A month long contract at Marks & Spencer’s head office in Paddington, London, gave me the opportunity to apply the inimitable M&S tone of voice to items including food, wine, fashion, loyalty programs and a range of in-store promotions.

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Compass Group UK & Ireland

Currently working with the Compass Group UK & Ireland – the market leader in providing contract catering and a range of support services to customers in the workplace, in schools, colleges and hospitals, at leisure or in remote environments. This project involves the rebranding of a Compass sub-brand and includes developing positioning statements, tone of voice and copy for a suite of external promotional pieces.

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One global company. Four words that capture its essence

Envelope Group in Melbourne approached me to create a strapline (see above) and a series of positioning statements (see the website) for this Australian born, US bound company specialising in providing leading radiology information systems (RIS) to medical professionals in the United States, Canada, Australia and United Kingdom.

My task was to communicate the supportive relationship between Promedicus and its clients and the onflowing benefits this brings to their efficiency and the outcomes they achieve for their patients.

I was also appointed to write all copy for the Promedicus website.

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A Roth IRA can be funded from a number of sources and withdrawals from the account are tax-free (not taxable, but taxable withdrawals might affect your earned income). The funds are then invested in various types of investments and real estate. Real estate investments are one of the best ways to reduce taxes and contribute to an IRA while you accumulate your $250,000 contribution.

Keep in mind that it takes a minimum of 20 years to build an IRA that allows for your retirement needs. Once you have these resources, you can leave the account in the custody of the financial institution, withdrawing your contributions at any time. But before you do that, here are some more rules about how your retirement dollars can be used.

Roth Conversions: What You Need to Know — Dream Financial Planning

Minimum Retiree Distribution Amount

If you’re age 50 or older, your retirement contributions are exempt from federal income taxes. However, if you are under 50 and do not make more than $117,000 in retirement contributions, you can’t withdraw your IRA funds without paying a 10% penalty. But you can make any other contribution for which you are allowed the exemption, even if you aren’t getting it.

In addition, you may also be subject to state income taxes when you withdraw your retirement funds.

The IRA is available to both survivors and to people who never owned an IRA.

How can I avoid taxes with an IRA?

You may be able to avoid federal and state income taxes on your IRA contributions by paying taxes on your income later. For example, if you make $1,000 in IRA contributions and earn $1,050 in retirement income, you can withdraw $750 to cover your income taxes. However, keep in mind that you will have to pay a 10% penalty on the $250,000 withdrawal.

Roth IRA limits

Roth IRAs have much lower limitations. Contributions to Roth IRAs are entirely tax free until the money is withdrawn. Also, distributions are not taxed, except at the federal level, when you are withdrawing at least 5% of your adjusted gross income. These are only very rarely due to extreme hardship (as opposed to age, disability, military retirement, or death). Also, you cannot take a negative distribution from a Roth IRA.


If you are considering a Roth IRA account for you retirement, we suggest using a roth IRA calculatorYou’ll be able to calculate how much the money you’ll have in retirement, based on how much you invest in your Roth IRA each year.

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Gerard Taylor, Creative Director of Orangebox, the UK’s leading provider of corporate and commercial furniture, commissioned me to develop copy for a poster and brochure for ‘Smartworking’ – Orangebox’s fresh strategy for rethinking workplace layouts and furniture to maximise productivity and morale.

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Orangebox asked me to work with them to produce a promotional brochure for the UK launch of Ara. This is the first task chair developed and manufactured in Europe to achieve Cradle to Cradle accreditation – a measure of Orangebox’s achievement in developing environmentally intelligent and sustainable design. You can download the entire e-brochure here.

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Contiki has a very specific tone of voice and this project was all about getting it just right. It needs to be young, friendly, full of energy, and intelligent. It has to strike a balance between being cool without being too cool for school. It mustn’t be preachy and patronising, but it needs to be knowledgable. The result was the Europe Summer 2009-2010 and Australia 2009-2010 brochures, downloadable here .

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Mazda2 UK launch

Imagination appointed me to develop scripts for two 30-minute presentations, three 25-minute workshops and to write the product guide for the UK launch of the 2008 Mazda2.

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Every page of this website is packed with content on specific topics related to health and well-being. The challenge in writing content was to keep the information in tight, ‘bite-sized chunks’ that were insightful, motivating and ultimately, kept readers reading.

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